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Victoria Cheatham – Jewellery Designer

Following 15 years of designing jewellery for personal expression, self-taught Australian designer Victoria Cheatham decided to turn her passion into a career by launching her jewellery label Lotus Mendes.

Victoria Cheatham – Owner and Designer

From humble beginnings at local markets and street stalls across Sydney, the Lotus Mendes brand has developed much a following and profile through Victoria’s ability to create unique, individual, statement pieces that are bold and fashion-forward. After being chosen to showcase her first collection “Delivering a Decade of Madness” at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in 2011 the brand has achieved unprecedented national success from being featured on major fashion blogs and well known fashion label campaigns such as We Are Handsome, Maurie and Eve and Wish, as well as to establishing a celebrity following and continually gracing the pages of leading magazines.

The brand name Lotus Mendes evokes the balance between the beauty of nature and the power of the ancient – themes that epitomise the brand. The Lotus flower symbolises beauty and rebirth, of self reincarnation and the awakening of the consciousness. Mendes is derived from King Menes, a very powerful ruler in Egypt. His name meant the “Fighter” and he was also referred to as “The Established”. Hence Lotus Mendes symbolises beauty and spirituality of the human conscious. To have a connection with oneself, to be a fighter and to be established, to know who you are and what your purpose is in life. Victoria believes all this can be done through harnessing the powerful, magical nature of jewellery.

The Lotus Mendes collection embodies an eclectic fusion of rawness, anarchy, opposites, symbolic messages and strong ancient references matched with modern aesthetics. Each piece of jewellery has a powerful meaning and is inspired by what Victoria sees and feels – the collection is inspired by life and is designed to empower women.

“Each piece is designed and created with a meaning and ultimately to bring out the inner beauty and energy of its wearer. It’s all about the wearer feeling and believing that they look amazing… My life is about designing and creating precious jewellery for woman. It is my passion and my ultimate love” – says Victoria.

Victoria’s vision for the label is to continually create pieces for her customers that become part of their everyday life and provide a sense of individuality and uniqueness, to “speak without saying a word”. The quote “Know Who You Are, Then Adorn Yourself Accordingly” is central to the ethos of Lotus Mendes. Victoria’s passion and spirit for jewellery design is perpetuated through monthly product releases to ensure there are always new pieces to inspire fans or connect the brand with a new customer.

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